About Us

Founded with an aim to enhance the coffee experience in hospitality establishments, Express Fix Store has been delivering premium espresso machines since inception. We pride ourselves on our curated selection of top-tier machines, each promising superior quality, reliability, and the all-important taste.

Our Mission

At Express Fix Store, our mission is simple – to bring you the best quality espresso machines on the market. We believe that every establishment should be able to offer delicious, perfectly brewed coffee, and our espresso machines enable just that. Our commitment to excellence drives us to constantly curate and deliver products that redefine your coffee brewing experience.

Our Story

The origin of Express Fix Store traces back to a simple realization: good espresso repair and service companies are few and far between. This rarity was not just an observation, but a call to action. It was a chance to fill a gap in the market, and more importantly, an opportunity to serve a community that deserved better.

In the heart of San Diego, Express Fix was born with a clear and distinct vision: to consistently deliver quality service guided by honest principles. We recognized that businesses had numerous choices when it came to servicing their espresso and coffee machines. But we aimed to be more than just another option; we aspired to be the best choice.

From day one, we poured our energy into offering unparalleled service, ensuring that each customer felt valued and cared for. We wanted to create a business where customer service wasn’t just a department, but rather the lifeblood that fueled every interaction, every repair, every sale.

We are humbled by the trust and loyalty that our clients have shown us over the years. It has been a journey filled with valuable relationships and cups of perfectly brewed coffee.

Today, Express Fix Store is not only a premier espresso machine retailer, but also a symbol of service excellence. We remain as committed to our principles as the day we started. As we look to the future, we hope to continue winning over businesses, one espresso machine at a time.

Experience the dedication, the commitment, and the love for exceptional coffee service. Experience Express Fix Store today!